dumb nerd
dumb nerd
Aliases nicknames
Alignment JACKAL/freelance
Special special class
Powers list powers here
Status dead/alive
Height short if you're otto
Weight in lbs
Age old if you're vik
Hair just a color
Eyes also just a color
Tattoos/Piercings list 'em
Sexuality bowchickawowow
Gender it's not physical!
Nationality diversity, ho!
Family names (deceased probably)
Hometown hey i grew up there!
Residence hey i live there!

This page is a copy/paste guideline for creating your character sheet for the JACKAL universe! If you don't want to use the meat of the page, feel free to use the Infobox_Jackal template on its own. Remember to end all JACKAL pages with the Navbox_Jackal template!

Basics Edit

tiny blurb here! maybe character's name meaning/pronunciation?

Appearance Edit

tell us about your character's appearance!

Personality Edit

what are they like?

Powers Edit

explain your character's powers!

History Edit

give us a little history about your character! feel free to break this up into sections.

Trivia Edit

Things you may not know about [insert character name here].

Hobbies Edit

list them! tell us if they're any good at them!

Phobias Edit

what are their fears?

Tidbits Edit

little bits of information! how well do they sleep? what food to they prefer? tell us these things here!}}}

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