Tighearnàn Alexei Milan Bosco
Tigh sketch
cheekbone game strong
Aliases "Tigh", "Alexei", "Idiot"
Alignment Freelance
Special Delta
Powers Spiritual Affinity, Sense Augmentation
Status Alive
Height 6'4
Weight 217lbs
Age 18
Hair Purple
Eyes Red
Tattoos/Piercings Left ear piercing, tattoos on his cheek, stomach, and left ankle.
Sexuality Grey-Asexual, Panromantic
Gender Male
Nationality Half Irish, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Russian
Family Toiréasa Orla Hogan (mother, deceased), Sevastian Dimitri Bosco (father, deceased), Bidelia Delma Hogan (maternal grandmother), Tadhg Marcas Hogan (maternal grandfather), Alexei Milena Bosco (paternal grandmother, deceased), Leonardo Sergio Bosco (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Hometown Somewhere in Russia
Residence the wilderness is my home

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